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About Us
Ranch Creek Ltd was established in 1992 as a pole peeling operation in Granby, Colorado. Michael Jolovich, General Manager of Ranch Creek Ltd saw a need to utilize small diameter round wood when the pine beetle epidemic began in 2004. He then made a shift in production to utilize this material. All products are produced exclusively from beetle-killed Lodge Pole Pine, also referred to as blue pine.

Since 1992, the peeling operation has expanded to include a sawing/merchandising system that cuts and sorts logs into different sizes. These logs are then sent to the dowel (rounding machine) to become round wood products (fence posts of various sizes) or to the sawmill to be made into rough cut timbers and lumber. Ranch Creek Ltd also produces custom house railing, fencing and agricultural products, firewood and mulch.

Log Homes
As a recent addition, a house log machine is in service to produce log home kits. These kits are a solution to affordable, green home building in this weak economy. You can still afford to build a beautiful, warm, cozy, new log home with one of our log home packages.

Beetle-killed Lodge Pole Pine
Beetle-killed Lodgepole Pine
contains a blue stain from a fungus left behind by the pine beetle. It does not affect the integrity of the wood or the products made from it. It simply has a blue stain throughout it that people find to be very appealing. By using blue stain wood, you use timber that will otherwise go to waste. There is no better way to build green than to build with blue stain.

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